Itching for copy-help?

As an entrepreneur, small company, coach or consultant, you know you need writing that won’t put people to sleep on the page (trust me, keeping readers awake really helps when it comes to bringing home the ka-ching).

I’m an expert in helping you write copy that sounds just like you and that makes people want what you got.

We’re a match made in heaven if…

- we’re talking David & Victoria-style chemistry here -

  • you’re launching a (digital) course, live event or mastermind

  • need copy for your software/app

  • are having a hard time mapping out your sales funnel

  • have a website that is just not converting as well as you’d like it to

  • you have started building your audience (but it’s taking you light-years) and need a content marketing strategy, like, yesterday

No worries. Come to mama.


How can I help?

I write, rewrite, edit and optimize:

  • sales pages

  • landing pages

  • sales emails

  • email sequences (welcome sequence, nurturing sequence,...)

  • launch copy

  • webcopy

  • ...

I’m also up for strategy sessions to map out your content for the next year or launch your latest course. Hand-holding optional.

Let’s get this show on the road!


'Yes! I want to rent your brain! Does that require any surgery?’ (No.)



You fill out a brief before we even hop on a call so I have a clear vision of what you and your business look like. In a 1:1 strategy call we get down to the dirty details of what you’re aiming for.



You’ve got my full attention. I suck up all the intel like a sponge and prepare to give your copy the makeover it so desperately needs. I make sure I’ve got a clear focus on your goals and make a game plan.  



After the call, you can go and watch Netflix. (I hear Working Moms is hilarious). Me, on the other hand, I switch gears and work all day on executing what we’ve discussed. At the end of the day we have another short call to discuss the fruits of my labor.


Ready to go? 

I typically have a 6-month waitlist, but you can book a day (or even a half day if you have commitment issues) with me. And my brain. Right here and now. Especially for needy types like you who can’t wait 6 months to see results.


Claim my copy-brain for the day


These are the questions clients asked before booking

What if I’m not completely ready yet?

To be able to write copy that converts, you need to at least be clear on what you’re offering to whom. You’re also pretty damn sure your offer is going to sell.

Knowing who you’re competing with and what magic sauce you can top your offer with to set yourself apart from the others? Good to know too. And maybe an idea of how exactly you’re going to get eyeballs on your offer in the first place.

No clue yet? Need a helping hand? Look no further.

I have tons of experience when it comes to strategy, engineering funnels and using whatever tools you may need from the online marketing gear kit. Book a day with me and you have that shit on tap.

How much can you get done in a day?

Aka: how much bang am I getting for my buck, lady? This depends partly on you. If you fill out the brief meticulously, provide me with clear instructions and input, you’re giving me a great head start.

If we’ve nailed the prep, I can get a ton of writing done: from an A to Z email sequence, a long form sales page or even an entire website - again depending on what we’re working with.

Would you rather rent my brain for coaching and strategizing? Then we can work out an entire strategic framework for your campaign, or an elaborate content calendar, get up close and personal with your ideal client and compile a customer research based swipe file,…

Other questions about my "Rent-My-Brain" offer?

Shoot me a message via and I’ll get back to you pronto.


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